Spotify and kernel panic

Last week I had a kernel panic. The only time I had it before was (on 2012!) using my 27″ iMac that had a defective motherboard and thus… I was scared to have an hardware problem in the quite new retina MacBook pro…

Today I had a second kernel panic, and I could connect the dots… again I was clicking things in Spotify. A quick Google search got me to the sad truth: Apple is working to the problem, meaning that the problem is a bug in OS X.



Even Mac crashes

Kernel panic Mac OS X Snow Leopard This picture is something you, Mac users, could never see in your entire life. But it happens.

This is a “kernel panic“, a tremendous crash you can only turn the computer off to continue… It’s rare and when happening should scare: maybe something is going wrong with the hardware… as most fan-boys say.

And this is the truth: even Windows often crashed because of poor hardware quality (failing motherboard, RAM etc.) and I think that if all Windows users had hi-quality hardware as Macs are, their crashes would be rare too.

But a non-crashing-windows is still boring 🙂