Fine tune volume (and brightness)

Apple computers have dedicated keyboard buttons for volume and display brightness adjustment. If you also press Shift+Option (alt) you’ll be able to fine tune both as shown in the video below.


Max OS X, change directory where screenshots are saved

First you can create a new directory, then to change the system setting:
defaults write location /path/to/screenshots/

Finally to make the change immediately available:
killall SystemUIServer

The picture below is an example.
terminal commands to change screenshot folder in OS X

DMG 2 ISO via Terminal: no need for any tool

If you downloaded a Mac image (.dmg file) and you need to open or burn from a Windows/Linux machine, you can easily convert it to the very common .iso format. Open the terminal and type this command:

 hdiutil convert /path/to/filename.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/to/savefile.iso

Note that this tool appends an extra .cdr extension to the file, but just rename it – even via terminal with:

mv /path/to/savefile.iso.cdr /path/to/savefile.iso

and you are done!

Mac Terminal: fixing backspace behaviour within a remote “screen”

Mac heart made of UNIX code… allows a somehow easier integration in Linux environments, when compared to Microsoft Windows. Yet something is not working out of the box. The fist annoyance I found was the backspace acting as a “Delete” key when using the “screen” program via SSH. Here’s the fix:

defaults write TermCapString xterm