Spotify and kernel panic

Last week I had a kernel panic. The only time I had it before was (on 2012!) using my 27″ iMac that had a defective motherboard and thus… I was scared to have an hardware problem in the quite new retina MacBook pro…

Today I had a second kernel panic, and I could connect the dots… again I was clicking things in Spotify. A quick Google search got me to the sad truth: Apple is working to the problem, meaning that the problem is a bug in OS X.



OS X “Can’t connect to wifi” because of USB 3.0 HD

With a 2015 MacBook retina I was experiencing a frustrating issue with home WiFi: it couldn’t join any router.

I was transferring data from one external drive to another, and both of them were USB 3.0… so after a while I realized that I didn’t burn the Airport card, but rather experienced the known issue of USB 3.0 drive interfering with Wi-Fi connection.

To add more fun to this, the issue is being addressed by router manufacturers themselves (routers themselves carry USB ports to connect drives…).

Solution: simply disconnect the drive 🙂


Even Mac crashes

Kernel panic Mac OS X Snow Leopard This picture is something you, Mac users, could never see in your entire life. But it happens.

This is a “kernel panic“, a tremendous crash you can only turn the computer off to continue… It’s rare and when happening should scare: maybe something is going wrong with the hardware… as most fan-boys say.

And this is the truth: even Windows often crashed because of poor hardware quality (failing motherboard, RAM etc.) and I think that if all Windows users had hi-quality hardware as Macs are, their crashes would be rare too.

But a non-crashing-windows is still boring 🙂

WPA enterprise not working in Snow Leopard

In my workplace we have a wireless network working with two different authentication methods:

  • Personal certificate (a file .pem you keep in you PC)
  • WPA Enterprise (you log in with your username and password)

Guess what?
Both methods works with either Linux or Windows… but my MacBook Pro refuse to connect. The certificate is not correctly imported (why? apparently Mac OS only accept Windows certificates, not UNIX ones… isn’t this weird?), and WPA Enterprise seem to be not working due to a bug.

This time, Apple fails…