Affinity found!

Screenshot 2016-08-30 14.12.27.pngMy first graphic design program has been CorelDraw 4.0, bundled with my inkjet printer I think, for Windows 3.1. It featured fake gradients (let’s say, 10 colors from yellow to red, typically) and a general lack of complexity that was perfect for beginners.

I upgraded to CorelDraw 5 and several things became day by day more common (merging shapes, touching vector tips…).

Finally, with CorelDraw X3 I was mature enough to do what I wished to. At that time I switched do Mac OS and… had to say goodbye to my beloved vector tool.

Tried a cross-platform replacement like InkScape (very good and smooth under Linux), and bought “Graphic” from the Mac App Store. Still was frustrating not being able to work with paths and shapes in a fluid environment.

When I tried Affinity Designer from Serif, a company I associated with cliparts and bloated Windows tool, everything changed.

I don’t know if it’s good for real.
I strongly believe it’s the perfect replacement for former CorelDraw users, though.


Fine tune volume (and brightness)

Apple computers have dedicated keyboard buttons for volume and display brightness adjustment. If you also press Shift+Option (alt) you’ll be able to fine tune both as shown in the video below.

Spotify and kernel panic

Last week I had a kernel panic. The only time I had it before was (on 2012!) using my 27″ iMac that had a defective motherboard and thus… I was scared to have an hardware problem in the quite new retina MacBook pro…

Today I had a second kernel panic, and I could connect the dots… again I was clicking things in Spotify. A quick Google search got me to the sad truth: Apple is working to the problem, meaning that the problem is a bug in OS X.


Syntax highlight in Keynote presentations

Syntax highlight in Keynote

When preparing slides with a lot of code inside having a proper syntax highlighter is mandatory, and hacks like taking screenshots don’t work both for the useless amount of bytes wasted and for the inability to correct mistakes later on.

You can install highlight via Brew:

brew install highlight

then simply:

highlight -O rtf input_file.php | pbcopy

pbcopy is a supercool utility that grab the standard input and copies it into the clipboard (yes, there’s pbpaste too).